the sneakers!

It doesn’t matter if they’re Superga, Vans or Nike! Sneakers are not only for those who work out! Choose your style and fit it into your everyday-life!

Superga (Sienna Miller/Chiara Ferragni):

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Vans (Joan Smalls/ Ashley Benson):

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Nike (Rihanna/Street style):

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Fashion week (Paris):

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more Vans (@At the 10th annual Shark Attack Sounds Party/ street style):

00206d88a84cef789bd6592c77df11a8  a5f4691389ff0d4d976a8dd5800f08ca

All star Converse (chic street style/ fashion week)

a94cd951ef647a78e8ae31ac23308e5e 9f59dd93be698fe6fe21e301142301b5

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